Automated Storage

Automated storage solutions, such as VLM’s (Vertical Lift Modules), Pallet Shuttles, Horizontal and Vertical Carousels and Miniload Systems offer many benefits when applied to the correct application.  Space savings and labor savings are the two primary benefits.  Also of importance are increased picking accuracy and speed, reduced product damage, lower maintenance costs, improved safety and superior ergonomics.

Most automated systems are designed to deliver parts to the picker.  Compared to traditional picker-to-parts methods there often can be significant labor cost savings with improved pick rates, dramatic reductions in storage space requirements.  Another significant benefit is the reduction of lift truck requirements.  We work with our customers to develop return on investment justifications that are based on data from our facility survey. We offer more than one solution to our customer’s material handling needs and service what we sell.

VLM (Vertical Lift Module)

Texas VLM



Modula 1 Ton Vertical Lift Module

Vertical Lift Modules, or VLM’s, provide high density vertical storage. These machines deliver reliable space savings, labor efficiency, security and real time management of inventory.  Available tray capacities from 400 lbs to 1 ton; heights up to 60 feet and tray widths to 14 feet.


Vertical and horizontal carousels provide a variety of order-picking solutions and buffer storage.  A wide variety of options are available for special applications such as document storage, cable and wire spool storage, and carpet storage.



Mini-load systems provide automated and semi-automated solutions for high volume applications handling cartons, totes and boxes.

Automated Pallet Storage & Retrieval

High Density Pallet Storage




Orbiter Pallet Shuttle

First In Last Out (FILO) or First In First Out (FIFO) applications with large numbers of pallets of the same SKU can benefit from a pallet shuttle. These systems deliver high density storage with reduced lift truck requirements in dry, refrigerated or frozen applications.