Pallet Shuttle

The Orbiter System from Schaefer Systems is a high density pallet shuttle storage system that offers high throughput and very high pallet storage density. It offers the pallet storage density of drive-in and drive through, while increasing storage and retrieval speed, reduced lift truck fleet requirements and reduces equipment and inventory damage.

   Pallet Shuttle System

The Orbiter System provides a docking station, also called a shuttle, that is picked-up and set in the rack lane.  The docking station operates under it’s own power while traveling in the rack.  It recharges itself while in the racking system. The Orbiter docking station travels along the rails in the pallet racking moving the pallets into position for removal from the rack and to fill lanes to prevent honeycombing.  Each lane must be dedicated to one SKU and is cost effective in systems with over 20 pallet positions per storage lane level.  Each Orbiter covers approximately 1,0000 to 1,500 pallet positions.  Each unit is capable of approximately 40 moves per hour.

Benefits of the Shaefer Orbiter System

  • The Orbiter System can be used with all conventional forklifts. You can use more than one docking station per forklift for greater productivity.
  • Reduced lift truck requirements.
  • Can be used to for high density storage with lanes greater than 20 pallet positions.
  • First-In First-Out (FIFO) systems have one aisle for storage and retrieval.
  • First-In-Last-Out (FILO) systems are similar to drive-through pallet systems and can use two Orbiter docking stations per lane.
  • The Orbiter System can be used in normal warehouse operations and deep freeze applications to -20 F.

  • Suitable for loads up to 3,300 Lbs.
  • Storage and retrieval time of 3.25 feet per second.
  • Can accommodate loads with overhang.
  • Large 2″ placement tolerance when loading lane.
  • Adjustable storage distance pallet-to-pallet.
  • Increases operator safety.

The Orbiter docking station is designed for low maintenance, safety and high productivity:

  • Pallet Centering Sensor
  • Easy entry fork guides for loading and unloading
  • Hazard warning lights
  • Docking station emergency off switch
  • LED operating status display
  • Key-operated switch
  • Pallet sensors
  • Safety light barriers
  • Anti-slip tops to prevent pallet shifting
  • Side rollers with pressure springs for high speed lane travel
  • Light scanner at end-of-aisle
  • RFID options available for specific load locations within system
  • Radio remote control with each Orbiter docking station
  • Electronics resistant to dirt and dust
  • All systems have built-in redundancy
  • Powered transmission with chain drive

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