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Strong Hold cabinets, lockers, shop benches and shelving products are designed and constructed to last a lifetime so you only have to buy it once. Strong Hold’s legendarily tough cabinets put the heavy in heavy-duty and you know it when you feel it. Building storage cabinets and workbenches for the most industrial, most commercial, roughest, toughest and heaviest applications requires the enduring strength of steel. The more steel you use the heavier your cabinets and benches get. But we think you will notice the commitment to American craftsmanship before you even feel the strength of one of their 12 gauge hinged-doors. Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets Texas

  • Welded, Single Piece Construction
  • 7 and 12 Gauge Steel Components Standard
  • Solid Craftsmanship
  • Delivered Fully Assembled
  • U.S. made in Louisville, Kentucky

Call (713) 409-0149 with any questions or quote requests for Strong Hold products. Experienced support and unbeatable prices nationwide!

Strong Hold Quick Ship Products

Strong Hold’s most popular items are available to ship within 3 days after receipt of order. Remember that your shop equipment arrives fully assembled. Strong Hold Quick Ship items are painted any color you like as long as its wet-sprayed #10 Dark Gray baked-on enamel.

  • Quick Ship Hinged Door Cabinets
  • Quick Ship Bin Cabinets
  • Shelf Cabinets
  • Ventilated Cabinets
  • Drawer Cabinets
  • Janitorial Cabinets
  • Flammable Liquids Storage Cabinets
  • Lockers
  • Industrial Shop Tables
  • Shipping & Receiving Desks
  • Maintenance Carts
  • Heavy Capacity Shelving
  • Outdoor Cabinets
  • Workbenches
  • High Capacity Shop Tables

Strong Hold Standard Products

Strong Hold standard catalog items typically ship within 2-3 weeks. Choose from the always popular Dark Gray, or one of the other (8) paint choices that offer the fastest turnaround. Strong Hold can paint your products in virtually any RAL color in either baked enamel or a powder coat finish. For the harshest environments and applications we offer Line-X Coating. Don’t forget your equipment will be delivered fully assembled.

  • Bin Cabinets
  • Hinged-Door Cabinets
  • Clear View Cabinets
  • Computer Cabinets
  • Drawer Cabinets
  • Personnel Lockers
  • Industrial Lockers
  • Safety Cabinets
  • Flammables Cabinets
  • Pegboard Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Cabinets
  • Stainless Steel Lockers
  • Stainless Steel Shop Tables
  • Gasket Sealed Cabinets
  • Shelving Cabinets
  • Shop Tables
  • Shop Desks
  • Job Site Storage Cabinets
  • Tool & Die Carts
  • Service Carts
  • Weapons Storage Vaults
  • Workstations
  • Shelving Units
  • Roll-Up Door Cabinets
  • Heavy Duty Job Boxes Texas

Strong Hold Stainless Steel

How could we make Strong Hold’s legendary cabinets, lockers and benches any more amazing? Imagine your Strong Hold double-hinged door supply cabinet or Strong Hold lockers made of stainless steel! This is not a fantasy. It’s just another day at Strong Hold delivering American-made steel shop equipment.


Workbenches used in manufacturing, machining, research, repair or assembly are one of our favorite products to design, sell and install.  We deliver several decades of  experience creating efficient, organized, durable and ergonomic industrial work space.

Often a workstation or bench is someone’s office or shop for building or repairing products all day, everyday, for years.  Consider the value of the worker’s time, energy and expertise when outfitting a new facility.  Your business will grow with problem-solving, creativity and teamwork around a workbench.  Don’t forget the value of whatever is being built, repaired, designed or assembled on the bench.  Whether the work bench is in a workshop or a lab, it is the point where the business, the technician and the product or service all come together. The benefits of making a work bench 2″ higher, 6″ deeper, adding double monitor arms, installing tool control foam or improving lighting can be tremendous.

We represent industry leaders Lista and Arlink for industrial workbenches, technical furniture and workstations.  Lista and Arlink manufacture made-to-order benches from modular components and offer the broadest range of accessories available.  This equipment is designed to withstand industrial applications, but also has a superior fit and finish suitable for R&D labs, healthcare,  museums, schools, retail and other applications.  We also offer t-slot extruded aluminum workstations, as well as heavy duty fabricated steel benches.  We have successfully worked with many manufacturing facilities to design workbenches for Lean initiatives.

World-class workbenches for any application that provide:

  • Greater Efficiency
  • Improved Organization
  • Space Savings
  • Better Ergonomics & Safety
  • Improved Workspace Appearance
  • Flexible Production Areas

Contact Tom today at 713-409-0149

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