Pallet Rack

Pallet rack is available in a wide variety of types, brands, materials and sizes. It is designed to store goods on pallets, or for storage and retrieval of hand stacked inventory.  Capacities are available for almost any application.  If you are out of floor space, cannot safely or effectively stack your pallets, or are double handling pallets often, pallet rack is a good option.  Your forklift works hand-in-hand with rack so be sure you understand your lift’s capacities, elevated height and aisle requirements.

We sell new racking solutions from industry leading manufacturers like Mecalux/Interlake and Schaefer Systems.  Warehouse Supply Group also stocks a wide variety of used pallet rack at our Houston, Texas yard. We offer design support, equipment options, installation and decades of experience.

Used pallet racking systems are available for almost any size and type project, but equipment availability changes constantly.  If you are considering purchasing used pallet or cantilever rack start looking for equipment early.

Our selection of used pallet rack makes it easy to match your existing warehouse rack.  We can make it simple to replace individual beams or uprights that are no longer manufactured or have very long lead times.   If you are asking “What kind of pallet racking do I have?” please visit our Pallet Rack Brand Information page.

Your storage requirements should be designed around the unit load being stored, product movement and the equipment used to store and retrieve it. Warehouse Supply Group will help you determine which of the following pallet rack systems will provide the best return on your investment.


Mobile or Moveable Racking


Automated Pallet Storage & Retrieval Systems


Pallet Flow or Gravity Flow